BeVerified is a consumer submitted data services company that empowers "lenders" to capitalize on one of our greatest assets - "borrower" submitted and verified data.

The company has expertise across a range of sectors and is able to transform consumer data into valuable information, enabling our clients to make better, more informed decisions, while at the same time preserving the anonymity of consumers.

Accurate customer information is just the beginning. The real challenge is to discover meaningful patterns and trends in your customers. BeVerified provides a range of expertise and verification tools - including but not limited to verifications of W-2 forms, employment, IRS tax records, individual income, household income and other information. Normal turnaround on these verifications is 2 to 7 days. While awaiting verification of any documents that "Borrowers" request to be verified, you will have the opportunity to view any information they may have submitted to their virtual storage file. This gives real insight into aspects such as customer value, behavioral trends and their spending patterns, allowing you to focus resources on your most profitable customers and those with the most potential to be profitable. BeVerifieds suite of products allows you to address issues including Profitable Customer Retention, Profitable Customer Acquisition, Quantifying Customer Profitability and Increasing Your Loan Profitability.

The Benefits

• Saves you valuable time previously spent at "vetting" "Borrowers"
• Limits your liabilities in handling others personal information
• Allows you to access potential "Borrowers" information 24/7 at your leisure
• Allows you to service the "Borrower" as an individual
• Understand the current and potential value of your customers
• Identify new customer prospects
• Assess which "Borrowers" may default

“Borrowers”our platform enables you to submit and consolidate your information in a Secure Socket Layer environment that is not available for the general public to access. Only those registered “Lenders” that provide specific identifying information are allowed to utilize our service. Those are the only users that may view your information. Our platform empowers “Lenders” to analyze your data that you have submitted and enables them to make better, more informed decisions.

As a neutral third party BeVerified strives to keep your identity anonymous, unless you choose to do otherwise, any information you submit to our database is only linked to the "borrower" by a user name. No longer do you have to rely on the shared opinion of a single person as to if your worthy of funding. Our system allows "lenders" to view your information and to make a one on one decision as to if they wish to fund your loan, thereby increasing your chances at obtaining the funding you need.

As a thrird party verification service BeVerified will at your request retrieve your personal information such as your tax returns from the United States Internal Revenue Service. We will redact your personally identifiable information, and submit to your virtual storage file an anonymous version of your returns.This type of service allows "lenders" to verify your current income position, self employment status, home ownership, if a business, your gross reciepts and sales, your filing status and other pertinent information.

It's safe, secure, and free to "borrowers". BeVerifieds service offering, is versatile, bespoke and ad hoc – in essence our solution turns a "borrowers" data into "lenders" decision making information.