BeVerified has developed a number of product and service solutions to counteract the rapid growth of Document and Identity
Theft Fraud, where people adopt the identity of others without their consent or take over a totally fictitious name.

Document and Identity Theft Fraud is one of the nations hottest issues threatening every consumer and business.

The financial cost of fraud is almost certainly under-reported and not fully investigated With most incidences written off as
"bad debt" or confused with invalidated customer applications, the significance of the issue is seriously misunderstood.

Industry sectors such as Financial Services (Credit Cards), Telecommunications and Retail are the most highly targeted.You could be the next victim. Fraud is certainly an enabler for many offences and some of the reasons are:

• People want to conceal their original identity (e.g. convicted people wanting to continue working with vulnerable individuals, people with poor credit histories or wanted criminals)
• False identity is used by those working undercover - terrorists etc.
• To make financial profit from some form of fraud - this includes credit frauds such as defaulting on loans/mortgages, insurance claims etc.
• To avoid financial liability - this includes reneging on outstanding debts, tax evasion and avoiding paying child maintenance

Our services include a range of expertise and verification tools - including but not limited to verifications of W-2 forms, employment, IRS tax records, individual income, household income and other information. We supply free of charge to "borrowers" the platform to create their personal Vitrual Storage File which they may utilize to store any information they choose.
It is their choice as to if they wish to share this information with others on our site. At their request and their request only we will verify certain information contained in their Virtual Storage File. It is their choice as to if they wish to share the results of the verification with others. Information that has been verified will be noted as such. The borrower may not modify or redact any information that has been verified, however they do reserve the right to delete their information at any given time. Depending upon the complexity of the verification fees may or may not be charged to the borrower.

Lenders will have the ability to search and view all Virtual Storage Files that have been submitted for public viewing.We offer Lenders a weekly or monthly subscribtion to our site.

BeVerified is a web-based solution designed and built specifically for the person to person loan industry.

We hope all users recognize the value of our service and abilities.